Thursday, November 21, 2013

Preparing for the Future - Climate Change

Because carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have been building up in the atmosphere, climate change is already happening, and more changes are in store that will affect people and the environment gave already begun, and more changes will happen in the future.
That's why it is no important for people to plan for both the immediate and future impacts of climate change. Planning now will help keep societies heathy and strong by making it easier for people to successfully adapt to the changes that lie ahead.

Heat waves, air pollution, allergens like pollen and ragweed, and diseases linked to climate already threaten people's health in many areas of the world. Global climate change will increase these threats.
- As the Earth gets warmer, there will be more heat waves and they will last longer. More people will be at risk for illnesses like heat stroke and heat exhaustion.
- Warmer weather could also increase the amount of smog that forms in some areas. Smog can irritate your lungs, trigger asthme attacks, and even lead to serious heart and lung diseases.
- A warmer climate is also expected to promote the growth of mold, weeds, grasses and trees that trigger allergic reactions and asthma in some people.
- Warmer temperatures can allow mosquitoes and other pests to spread to areas that were once too cold for them and allow them to transmit diseases for a longer part of the year,
- Climate change can also increase the risk of waterborne disease in some areas.

You can learn more in United States Environmental Protection Agency

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